For the Bath School Department teachers to discuss the use of technology and its integration into the curriculum.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tech Thoughts

These are by no means definites, but a jotting down of ideas and possiblities. Look them over and see if there is something you would like to integrate with your curriculum. None of these is done in isolation for the sake of technology, but as a means to a goal in the curriculum.

Thoughts on Technology for 2007-2008

use of mouse
turning on and off machine
Pages of safe sites for teachers and students to facilitate mouse use
Language arts pages: letters, numeracy sites
Publish stories on website.
Use of camera
Publish a picture and sentence
Use of drawing program
Audio taping
Kindergarten yearbook
Project: Gingerbread Man (Flat Stanley spin-off)

Grade 1:
Continued use of mouse
Drawing, copy, paste
Highlighting text, changing font, color, size
Publish stories on website
Puppets for LA
Audio taping
Project: Moose on the Loose, Fifth grade buddies

Grade 2:
Publish stories on website
Highlighting text, changing font, color, size
Drawing, copy, paste, transform
Videotaping of experiments, math etc. for students
Language connection – School in France
Project: Owney, Moose on the Loose, Third grade buddies at FM?

Grade 3:
Fourth grade buddies at FMS
Spanish connection – Schools in Spain, Peru, Argentina and/or Mexico
Digital cameras
Publish writing

Grade 4:
Third grade buddies at DNS
Videoconferencing: towns in Maine, France
Industry in Maine: connect with Forestry, Maine Potato Growers, Maine Guides - Vicky M., Lobstering/Fishing
Digital cameras
Publish writing

Grade 5
Connect with schools in Spain, Peru, Argentina and/or Mexico
Videoconferencing with Owney schools around USA
Yearbook committee
Digital cameras
Publish writing

Project per grade level
Updates to grade level web pages
LULU publish collection of stories/poems.
Podcasts of children telling student created math problems, stories, news of school
Establish sites for teachers
Weekly email to teachers with new websites related to their current studies
Email list of parents: groups to send news of school, and web pages of interest, notification of updates
Videotaping of special events, lessons for absent students and parents, steps in a process, etc.
Viewer in hallway of recent pictures taken by students, or pictures of staff, welcome message in hall...

Possible programs to incorporate:
Letterboxing, Lulu, Portaportal or, Gcast, Scholastic, Blogger, Wiki
Podcasting team
Videotaping team
Lulu publication of student writings
Music: GarageBand

3 comments: said...

Hi Donna,
I'm really looking forward to working with you next year. I have some ideas about the use of the tablet PC's won by Kitty O'neill. I would like to sit down with you and discuss them sometime. I would love to help the fifth graders with technology integration - video and digital presentations (I have the hardware) are what I am thinking of, as well as incorporating drawing and pictures and audio into their writing and presentations. I would like to see the tablet pc's being used to their potential to enhance our curriculm. Hope to talk to you soon.

Anonymous said...

How do you find the time to do all this tech thinking and finish up the year is beyond me. Thanks for all the effort you put into the Tech n Talk page already. You impress me and I will willingly try to learn through your expertise......Nancy

Patsy said...

Hi Donna, Great ideas. I would like to have a "book review kiosk" or variation, with students recording book reviews on video, and having a station so others could sit down and get recomendations for good books to read. -- I tried to put this on a website, but it was too big. -- This could engage students in reading, writing and fluency skills. What do you think? -- Patsy