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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Blogger's Navigation Bar Workaround

Before you start using Blogger in your school as a web page, you are going to have to deal with the Navigation Bar at the top of the page. Unless you host the page with your own provider, Blogger has this navigation bar to help you surf the blogs. The unfortunate thing is that some sites are not for kids, so you don't want them randomly searching the 'net by clicking on "Next Blog". The easiest thing is to have your Network Admin block the url

At there is a way to remove the bar totally using CSS, but it removes all reference to Blogger and removes your tool bar with your sign in and help stuff. So not only will Blogger not like that, but neither will you. It also irritates others who are surfing by clickin on "Next Blog" because there is no button on your page, meaning they will have to use the arrow key back to their page and go again. Not too bad, but they do get irritated.

So, keep these things in mind before you use Blogger as a school tool. We want to keep kids safe, administrators happy and parents assured that we are mindful of the dangers out there and are doing our very best as responsible educators!

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