For the Bath School Department teachers to discuss the use of technology and its integration into the curriculum.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Teacher Tool

Making Dynamic Paper

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


There are three cubes in the basic game set. They interact with each other to make a game. The games may be changed on the cubes and used again for the new game.

Listen to Your Buds

This is an educational campaign to help make parents, teachers and children aware of the importance of taking care of their hearing, and giving ways of using personal audio technology safely. Click on the title to go to their site.

Scratch Input

Scratch Input allows exiting walls or furniture to become input devices for your computer. It is specifically meant for mobile device users, the elderly and people with mobility challenges.

Polaroid GL30

Takes photos that you can share by printing immediately or uploading online. It has somewhat the same shape as the original model. But this one may also be stood up to be used as a digital photo frame. It Aldo has a number of filters and borders that can be applied to the images.

Polarez GL20

Polarez glasses capture or upload images that can be displayed on the glasses' screens for other to see.

Polaprinter GL10

This is an instant mobile printer to connect cellphones, cameras or laptops via Bluetooth or a direct connection

eCoupled is what I'm waiting for...

A quick overview of some of the good stuff from eCoupled.

Want to know what's in your cupboard? What you need to buy more of? Want to cook in the package? Check out eCoupled's new technology, soon to be available. Can you imagine if our libraries were set up this way. The books would know if they were off the shelf, or out of order!

You can cook anywhere you install one of the small contact points. Charge and run devices wirelessly.

Charge your electric car wirelessly. If all parking lots had these (not sure about the snow in Maine though), we could be charging as we grocery shop, go to the dentist, etc.

Tablets and Pads

I'd love to see us use some tablets or pads at school.
The Eee Pad MeMO by Asus is a tablet and a phone combined that will be coming out this summer. The device comes with a Bluetooth headset with mic for receiving calls. It has a 7 inch touch screen and two cameras.  One camera is on the front (1.2 megapixel) for making video calls and one on the back (5 megapixel) with an LED flash. It also has a stylus for taking notes and drawing in the included apps, Media Note and Painter.

The Motorola Xoom Tablet is another good tablet soon to be released...maybe in April.  It is larger with a 10.1 in. screen. It has 32 GB of internal memory and a great battery that will last for up to 10 hours. Again, it has a 5 megapixel camera on the back and a 2 megapixel camera on the front for video calls.  When it is released it will be 3G with Verizon, but soon to handle 4G networks.

And then there's the Toshiba:

Monday, January 10, 2011

LG Display Video

Multiple Displays Video


Technology vs Magic

I like this quote...

Floor to Ceiling Display

Made of thousands of color changing lights, you get a display that shows video, but you can look through, too.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

XBox Avatar Kinect

Just think about the possibilities...
Xbox Live subscribers can interact with up to 15 friends and family using their Kinect avatars and motion control.  Some ideas?  Any time you need to get people together that aren't in the same room.  Meetings, collaborative groups, how about interviewing a famous person avatar, a book character?  Those are just a few ideas without thinking too hard.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Maps of CES

This show was too big to see everything. There were 4 separate maps and 4 bus stops depending on what you wanted to attend. Lots of walking. Lots of aspirin.

Preventing Childhood Obesity Through Technology


These handsets plug into your speaker jack in your cell phone to make calls. There also was a neat Bluetooth, charging base with handset that converts to speakers that will be out soon. Not permissible to take pictures of it, so I'll just have to remember what it looked like. That will be a problem.

This would be fun!

Tough to keep your eyes on the road with all the video displays!

Nice Wheels

Pretty fancy, but won't go in an inch of snow...

Speakers in the Back

No room for the load of firewood, but the sound is great!

Friday, January 7, 2011

ViNCi Tablet for Babies

Made for little fingers and whole hand. Coming out mid year. Connect to your computer to download new games to grow with your child. I gave them some feedback on the tablet's games being removed from the device and stored as your children grow, and reloading them as you have another baby. They seemed interested in that feature, so we'll see if it's added!

Lots of Electricty

Just in our room...

Cloudy but beautiful

I can see spots of sun and snow on the tops of mountains as I look out our window. Time for breakfast and a show. This place is incredible ... Number one, it's huge. Two, it has desert. Three, I've never seen so many people on smart phones, tablets and computers all in one place. They're sitting everywhere on everything.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Walt Mossberg

Walt Mossberg is the author and creator of the weekly Personal Technology column in The Wall Street Journal. At CES this week, he stated that the IT Dept. should not be dictating what technology we use; the actual user and faculty should determine what is used.

CNET Panel Discussion - The Next Big Thing

With Molly Wood, CNet's executive editor. It was hard to tell. I think they concluded that the computer would be around for a long time and that other devices, like the smartphones and tablets would be even more popular. Since each device is a bit different and we need them for different purposes and in different circumstances, we will most likely still use them all. But one of the catch phrases was "always on, always on you".

Mind Flex

Control the ball with your powers of concentration. I did it!
I signed a release...they may use me on their commercial.

Out of the Box

A Wearable Web Cam

There has to be a use for this...records video and audio in the direction you are looking.

Using Technology in Higher Education

...has application to lower levels too.

Camera Crew

Taking pictures of the show.

You need the glasses

It works very nicely. Great effects, but without the glasses some scenes are unviewable.


You can't tell it's 3D. But I can.

Nice tablet cart


Hope this is true

On my way in! Yea!

Good Morning!

Time to make the doughnuts! View from our room...and it doesn't look like Maine. Our shuttle driver last night had been to Caribou though. Didn't like the weather. Loved Maine lobsters and clam chowder. 
Well, off to breakfast. It's 7:20 here and 10:20 in Maine. No wonder I'm hungry!

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The Luxor Lobby

We're not in Kansas anymore...

At the Airport

Getting our badges for CES

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

On the way to the Airport

No new tech yet. But it's a pretty day!