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For the Bath School Department teachers to discuss the use of technology and its integration into the curriculum.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Teacher Tool

Making Dynamic Paper

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


There are three cubes in the basic game set. They interact with each other to make a game. The games may be changed on the cubes and used again for the new game.

Listen to Your Buds

This is an educational campaign to help make parents, teachers and children aware of the importance of taking care of their hearing, and giving ways of using personal audio technology safely. Click on the title to go to their site.

Scratch Input

Scratch Input allows exiting walls or furniture to become input devices for your computer. It is specifically meant for mobile device users, the elderly and people with mobility challenges.

Polaroid GL30

Takes photos that you can share by printing immediately or uploading online. It has somewhat the same shape as the original model. But this one may also be stood up to be used as a digital photo frame. It Aldo has a number of filters and borders that can be applied to the images.

Polarez GL20

Polarez glasses capture or upload images that can be displayed on the glasses' screens for other to see.

Polaprinter GL10

This is an instant mobile printer to connect cellphones, cameras or laptops via Bluetooth or a direct connection