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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Pickin' Up Pictures, Put 'Em in Yer Blogger

Pickles, the Green Moose from Maine, is waiting for school to start.
  • The photo was uploaded to from my computer.
  • Then I right-clicked to "Copy Image Location".
  • In my blog then I clicked on the "Add Image" icon , and in the window that opens,

  • I pasted in the "Add Image from the Web" URL box. When you did the step of "Copy Image Location" you were putting the url to the picture on your clipboard, so you just have to "paste" for the url to go in the box.
  • I would probably pick "None" for layout, just because you can do that once it is on the page by clicking on the picture and choosing the position. But if you are sure where you want it to go, select the placement here.

  • Select the image size. If you find it isn't good when you get it on the page, you can drag the corner to resize slightly, or just delete and do this step over with a different size selected.
  • Just click upload when you see the text appear, and it goes into the blog for you. Easy-peasy. You can do it, too.

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